Elinor Carucci

Closer is the definitive volume of Elinor Carucci‘s most significant body of work, relentlessly intimate photographs that capture her world. The breadth of her images from the eerie to the erotic reveals fragments of her life, which include her family and self-portraits. Beautifully honest, resonant with an intense use of colour, Closer portrays on woman’s emotional geography. I really love Carucci’s work for it’s brutal honesty and have been inspired to create similar photographs. For me they are documentation of closeness and intimacy, all found within real life relationships and situations. She has captured both harmony and conflict within her relationships with these people, offering a glimpse into Carucci’s life.

"Closer" Carucci and her mother

"My Father and I", 1999, Closer

"Closer" Carucci and Eran

"Eran and I", 1998, Closer

"Eden and Emmanuelle the First Month", 2004

I’ve been inspired to document the close relationships I have in my life, especially the turbulent relationship I have with my boyfriend. In “Closer” while the pictures describe the vulnerability of our aging, corporeal selves, they also describe the sensual and sexual pleasures to be had in life—kissing, stroking, touching, embracing, hugging, eating, bathing, and enjoying sex. These are things I also want to celebrate in my photography. Carucci’s focus on minute details; a kiss, an eye or a hair have had a profound effect on how I want to approach my own photography. The close up shots make it all the more intimate, like we are looking through a keyhole into someone else’s most private and precious of moments. I want my photography to be as ruthlessly honest as Carucci when I begin photographing my relationship with my boyfriend. I want to document the good and the bad times we share. I don’t want us to appear idealistic or portray ourselves within the perfect fairytale romance conformities. I want to show the real us. I want to share with people what goes on behind closed doors, the gritty and harsh that people wouldn’t normally see, as well as the sublime.

I particularly like Caruccis’ series titled Pain/Crisis in terms of revealing the darker, emotional lows of relationships which I find inspiring. At the time, Carucci and Eran, her husband, were going through a hard time in their marriage and she decided to document it. I find the titles to her photographs in this series enables us to fully understand the situations we are viewing, making it the more relatable and easier to follow.

"First tears over another man", 2002

"Guilt", 2002

"And if I don't get enough attention", 2002

"After Argument", 2003

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