Winehouse and Relationships

Music video “Love is a Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse is a montage video, which includes photographs of Winehouse, clips of her and her boyfriend who had by that time split up, alongside live performance clips of the song. What I found most inspiring about this video was the way in which the heart wrenching photographs of Winehouse and the clips of her ex lover play over each other. It creates the illusion that the clips are her thoughts playing through her mind, as she reminisces about the lover she no longer has. I found this very relatable as whenever I’ve had an argument with my boyfriend, at the time you just want them to leave but when they’ve gone you can’t help but to think about them.  This reminded me of a quote: “I wanted to remember in order to be able to return”-Anais Nin, which I believe to be very true. It’s that exasperating conflict of forbidding yourself to remember and being terrified to forget. I’ve had these moments within my relationship. I captured photographs of myself after an argument I had with my boyfriend (6/11/11), crying and thinking of him. I thought I could create an interesting dynamic by placing photographs of him or us together happy, like in Winehouses’ video against these more harsh photographs to show what I was feeling or what was going on.

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