Access for the Disabled Task

The Man With The Arm Tattoo (far left)

Notice Anything?

So What?

Above are some photos I took on Halloween (2011). I didn’t notice the man missing part of his limb until after I looked through the photos. These photos show how the disabled are just like me and you. As we can see here, the man is just on a night out with his friends and it just so happens that he would be classified as disabled. They show that the man has just as much access to have fun and to socialise as an able man (of course).

Carla Olivia Simkiss born October 14th 2011

Carla and Dexter Simkiss

Carla Olivia Simkiss (my cousins’ daughter) was born with down syndrome and  a hole in her heart. Down syndrome is an incurable genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome and 1 in 1,000 down syndrome babies are born each year.

Coventry Market

Coventry Market

Coventry Market is very spacious and easy to get around for the able and disabled people of Coventry.

Aiden's Writing Hand

My brother, is left handed and is missing part of his wedding finger after trapping his hand in a patio door. It disabled him to write at a fast space but physically the missing part of his finger is barely noticeable.

Man On Crutches, Kenilworth

Lift vs Escalator, West Orchards

West Orchards Escalators, Coventry

Ramp Leading To West Orchards, Coventry

Stairs vs Ramp, Walsall Train Station

Blue Banana, Coventry Has No Access For The Disabled Only These Stairs


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