Object Four

If viewing photographs from books and albums becomes a thing of the past, will screens and projections replace them? We are already living in an age where we view things on screens, due to Internet sites and new advances in technologies. For example, some people don’t even read books anymore, instead they read from the screen of a Kindle for example which stores thousands of ebooks! So I don’t think it will be such a shock to the system for humanity. But what does it mean for the viewing of photographs? I personally love photo books, journals and generally the photograph as physical things but are there better ways of viewing and enjoying them?

"Mother Sculpture" Jefferson Hack

Jefferson Hack (Creator of Dazed and Confused Magazine, London) was another guest curator a part of the “What’s next?” programme. Hacks’ exhibition shows how the digitalisation of photography, the medium has been freed from being just a touchable object.  It is now viewed as a purely image. Hack created two large-scale sculptures “Mother Sculpture” and “Rise Sculpture” created by an immense amount of monitors and projectors. Hack featured photographs by young photographers, amateurs and established names, reflecting how open and accessible photography has become. The photographs from a total of 28 photographers, appear, pause for a few seconds and then move on. Hack created the effect of the photos floating and fading, which you wouldn’t be able to do if they were presented in a book, or would that come next? Visually I think it’s a great idea, very intriguing. It reminded me of digital photos frames, where multiple photos appear and fade in a frame…another advance in technology. So will photographs one day only be seen as projections or from monitors?


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