Object Two

Sylvia Wolf- Quote taken from “The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in the Digital Age”

“To some, the glut of photographic images facilitated by digitalisation, represents a mind-numbing noise that risks infecting us all with rampant voyeurism and image apathy.  To others, the open access to photography and to new audiences that computer technologies afford us has spawned a liberating transparency that breaks down barriers between people, places and ways of being.”

This quote expresses the conflicting views on the digitalisation of photography. The beginning reflects the more reluctant, pessimistic views, views that are also expressed in Kessels “24 Hours In Photos”.  The general idea is that since photography has advanced, it’s now become too easy everyone has the ability/access to take photographs. We are at risk of becoming lazy. We no longer have to think about shutter speeds or focus because digital cameras and other technologies do it automatically. Due to this accessibility and the advances in technology we are now plagued with images. People no longer have to or do edit down photos, instead they can just upload every photo and share it on various sites.  In a way photographs have just become photographs, losing that speciality which the old techniques always exuded.

The latter is more optimistic.  Wolf suggests that for others the easy access to create photographs and the ability to share these on sites and new audiences are positive things. Photographers’ years ago couldn’t just upload their images to the Internet for the whole world to see, but now people can. Photography breaks down barriers and is a great way to communicate. People from around the world can communicate through their images. Will photographs replace the written word?

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