Assignment 2-Objectification of the Female/Male Body

Objectification Of The Female/Male Body

Initially I wanted to research the objectification of the female/male body, focusing on the media, in particular the adult film industry. However, I thought it may be a too sensitive topic to cover and so I researched other subjects instead. After doing my preliminary research, I still found myself thinking of covering objectification. There go I asked my lecturer if I could cover the things that I intended to, he said, “well if that’s what you’re really interested in”. I took that as a yes (and that I may be at risk of coming off as a complete pervert) but the nonetheless… I revisited objectification and began my research.

My first thoughts were of objectification in the media. It’s everywhere. So that’s where I started. I don’t think people of today’s society actually realise how much objectivity surrounds us on a daily basis. It seems that we have now become so accustomed with the “sex sells” bravado that we no longer recognise it. What may have been seen as objectification years ago can maybe be viewed as empowering or purely advertisement today? People barely blink an eyelid at the heavily retouched sexualised celebrities or models that grace the magazine covers and billboards. There just there. This could be a good thing…or a very bad. It seems that whilst some ads retain sexy in a less obvious way some have become even more garish, erotic and in your face. So much so they are trembling on the line of pornography.

This is when I thought pornography/the adult industry would be a really interesting focal point in my research. On the one hand, the porn stars them selves and obviously the people involved, view their jobs as empowering, a chance to explore sexual desires/fantasies in a safe environment whilst being apart of a multi-million-dollar industry. They are professionals, just doing their jobs. But is it that simple? Feminists, philosophers, doctors and ex porn stars often and have painted a much bleaker, more complex picture of the porn industry. Is it objectification? Is it empowering? Or is there maybe even a thing called positive objectification? I plan to research deeper into the porn industry, looking closely at the individuals involved and the long-term effects of being in such a business.  A new mind map coming soon.


  1. HI,
    oh my gosh! I don’t know if you still update this blog or of you finished his paper, but if you did I would love to hear more about your research. This topic is very interesting to me and I would love to know more. I’d love to know your own opinion also.


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