Appropriation Task

Appropriation can be understood as sampling, borrowing and recycling in order to create a new work. It’s using somebody else’s work, such as a photograph, changing its context or manipulating it in someway for example until you create something completely new.

I was given Rachel Appleby’s photographs, which were all very much nature orientated.  The majority of Appleby’s photographs consisted of nature and it’s inhabitants; trees, shadows, animals and birds. Her photographs were visual lushness due to the vivid colours, particularly the luscious greens. Amongst these was a single photograph of a squirrel that had been run over, quite dark and shocking in comparison to her other lighter pictures. We were asked to create a series from the images given, which I found quite difficult with Rachel Appleby’s photographs. Therefore, I decided to pick out the photographs that had the same subjects: animals. I chose the one with the dead squirrel and the startled pigeon. I chose to manipulate her photographs by adding text, to make them quite humorous and light hearted. I took inspiration from ecards who incorporate text with their imagery to create humour. I also converted the images to black and white because I personally prefer black and white photographs over coloured ones. I used a colour theme of red, black and white to create a consistent theme and to show that these pictures are a part of one series.

His Eyes Look Sad

In this photograph I added a well-known phrase from “The Inbetweeners” in which Jay runs over a squirrel. Despite the darkness and sadness of the image, the quote and the picture of the character makes it more light hearted and easier to view.

Pigeons Like Pooing

This photograph was inspired by the adorable ecard shown below. Many ecards are for partners on Valentine’s Day so I took this as my theme. I incorporated text and a love heart, using the black, white and red colour theme I used in my other images.


The French Christmas Tree

In this photograph I made a slight alteration to one of Dylan Moran’s jokes about the French. I gave the Christmas tree a beret and used the colours of the French flag.

Ok, so I admit there are all pretty bad but at least I had a go. I found this task quite difficult because I was presented with photographs of things I wouldn’t choose to photograph so it was an interesting challenge.

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