Films and Documentaries

Below are films and documentaries I have watched as a part of my research.

9 to 5 Days In Porn (2008)- German documentary by Jens Hoffman culled from a years worth of filming exploring the adult film industry and those living in it.

Sex: Annabel Chong Story (1999)-Documentary by Gough Lewis profiling the life of Annabel Chong (Grace Quek) as a porn star and gender studies student. Watch full documentary here.

Boogie Nights (1997)-Film by Paul Thomas Anderson depicts the rise and fall of porn star Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg) from The Golden Age Of Porn (a period where the treatment of STD’s had not reached public notice) of the 1970’s to the excess of the 1980’s.

I Am A Sex Addict (2005)-Autobiographical film/documentary depicting Caveh Zahedi’s sex addiction and prostitute fetish.

The Girlfriend Experience (2009)-Film by Steven Soderbergh follows the life of Manhattan call girl Chelsea/Christine Brown (Sasha Grey) and the challenges of her job, her clients and her boyfriend.

Confessions of a Porn Addict (2008)-Mockumentary by Duncan Christie about Mark Tobias (Spencer Rice) who tries to convince his wife and judge (arrested for indecent exposure) that he is over his all-consuming addiction to hardcore pornography.

American Gigolo (1980)-Crime film by Paul Schrader follows Julian Kaye (Richard Gere) a male escort in L.A. and one of his clients who has been murdered.

Elecktra Luxx (2010)-Comedy film by Sebastian Gutierrez follows Elecktra Luxx, an adult film star who has been forced to quit the industry due to being pregnant.

Orgazmo (1997)-Comedy film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone revolves around Joe Young who ends up starring in adult films in order to earn some money to marry his fiancee Lisa.



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