Free Will

There are many varied views on what moral blameworthiness is, creating much controversy and debate. Predestination being the doctrine holding that God, a deity or fate has established in advance everything that is going to happen and that nothing can change this course of events. It means that a person’s fate has already been decided beforehand so no matter what you do, your destiny will never change. If predestination were true than no one is free, ultimately meaning that no one can be morally blameworthy for his or her actions.

Meanwhile, free will is defined as the ability to make choices or act as a free and autonomous being, meaning that people are free to make their own choices in life and not solely as a result of compulsion or predestination. However, does free will necessarily make us fully responsible for our actions? Hard determinists would argue that humans have no real free will so therefore cannot be morally responsible or blameworthy for anything. Soft determinists would argue that being morally blameworthy and responsible for your actions could be compatible with also having free will. This means for example, by me choosing to kill another person, I have used my own free will but I am also blameworthy for that decision because it was in my doing. Libertarians would argue that free will is completely true so we are therefore completely responsible and blameworthy for our actions.  Therefore, deciding whether humanity are morally blameworthy for things depends on how much or if we are actually free.

In relation to pornography I believe in free will and free choice. Therefore, I believe the adult film stars are free to express themselves and live the life they intended. Their pornographic careers have not been forced upon them, it is a result of their own free will. More power to them!

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