First Hand Research

For me first hand research I interviewed Paul, a friend of my brothers, who suffered with a sex addiction for 6 years, struggling particularly with a prostitute fetish. I recorded the interview and later typed the most relevant questions and answers. Here are the answers I will use in my presentation:

Q: Why did you start seeing escorts in the first place? Surely, by having a girlfriend you’d be able to have constant supply of sex?

A: Well, I didn’t want to have to go through the hassle of having to wine and dine a girl, in the hope that she’s maybe sleep with me at the end of the night. There was no guarantee for sex and with a sex addiction…well like you said you need a constant supply of sex. One girlfriend wouldn’t have been enough anyway. I wanted sex daily, I wanted a variety. So I started seeing escorts. They supply a service and I was more then happy to comply with it.

Q: How did you view women during your addiction?

A: I only saw them as sex objects. I didn’t recognise them as humans anymore, with feelings and opinions but just things I could have sex with.

I have aslo tweeted and emailed porn stars some questions about their views on the porn industry but have yet failed to answer.

Drawings for presentation:

Immanuel Kant © Sophie Moet

Catharine Mackinnon © Sophie Moet

Female and Male Drawing © Sophie Moet

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