Larry Sultan “The Valley”

The Valley, by Larry Sultan is a series of photographs in which Sultan explores and documents middle class homes rented as pornographic sets in the San Fernando Valley where he grew up. The photographs blur the boundaries between the facts of documentary work and the staged fiction at play in pornography. The mundane settings of the average suburban homes, act as backgrounds where adult fantasies are played out. The books demonstrates the conflict and territory of desire and sex, home and family, reality and illusion. I found this series extremely fascinating. However some images made me feel uncomfortable. For example, the photograph of women preparing for a scene in a child’s bedroom and actors having sex on someone’s kitchen side.

"The Valley" Larry Sultan

"The Valley" Larry Sultan

"The Valley" Larry Sultan

Below is a link to proposal about the Valley written by Larry Sultan

Nature is strange in the Valley

Reference: Photobookclub

Overall I found this a very interesting, very bizarre series. I didn’t even know people could rent out their homes for porn productions! Learn something new every day I suppose.

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