Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey has opened a sexual floodgate, fulfilling the most indiscriminate fantasies in over 200 adult films with titles like Gang Bang My Face. In the three years since she entered the industry, she has fashioned herself into a self-proclaimed “erotic enigma”, using her intellect and body in a quest to liberate women with her no-holds-barred, anything goes attitude.

LOVE Magazine Autumn/Winter 2009

LOVE Magazine Autumn/Winter 2009

LOVE Magazine Autumn/Winter 2009

Grey sees pornography as a form of creative expression. She sees herself as an artist and her body the medium she uses, “ I do consider myself an artist and what I do as art”.  But Grey wasn’t always this open. As a teenager Grey explains of her guilt, “…Our society teaches us to repress our sexual instincts, so I felt very guilty about my sexuality and desires…but after I started having sex that’s when I embraced it”.

The standard expectations in the adult film world is that you should have at least one to two months experience before breaking into feature films. Sasha Grey broke all these rules. “My first scene was an orgy scene with seven or eight people. I couldn’t wait!” It was Fashionistas 2 with Italian Stallion Rocco Siffredi. Grey had only turned 18 a few months prior to the scene and entering the business. For her very first scene, Sasha won ‘Best Three Way Scene’ and ‘Best Group Scene’ and also became the youngest person in history to win Female Performer of the Year.  She has went on to star in feature films (The Girlfriend Experience, Kayla Crow), music videos (Eminem, The Roots) and has modelled for various photographers including Richard Kern and artists including James Jean and for American Apparel. She has also featured in Rolling Stone magazine, dubbing her as “The Dirtiest Girl In The World” and Playboy magazine twice. Grey also has an industrial metal band called Atelecine and has published her first photo book NEU SEX.

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Sasha Grey broke new boundaries within her time as porn star, with her minute features, beautiful looks and petite figure, she certainly took the porn world by storm. But Grey has since retired. She announced her retirement over Facebook in April 2011, “It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult film performer has expired. Don’t worry, I haven’t found Jesus. One thing is for certain, I’m proud to say I have no regrets, I genuinely feel I accomplished everything I could as a performer.”

Retirement announced on Facebook

Sasha Grey’s message has always been clear. Grey entered the business to get noticed, make money and to change the way people think about the industry and those within it. She always expressed her choices to become a porn star with immense intellect and validity. This made me realise that to the women in pornography, it is just a job like any other and is one they find most pleasurable.

In my presentation I’m going to talk about Sasha Grey’s photo book “Neu Sex” which I have already talked about here on my blog (Neu Sex).

I recorded myself flicking through the pages of the book using a Canon5D which I will include in my final presentation (a clip shown below from my youtube channel):


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