To conclude…

After posing the question “Is pornography objectifying or empowering?” I have come to the conclusion that pornography is not objectifying. In my opinion, pornography is a form of expression and so people within the industry and the consumers should be free to express themselves in which ever way they see fit. Pornography is legal and is a job as regular (or not) as any other, so let them get on with doing what they get paid to do. The female adult film stars give consent in being in pornographic movies so cannot be objectified. Pornography is legal and everyone involved gives their permission to be there. The majority of the adult film stars of today and the ones I have researched, chose a career in pornography consciously and carefully. They are aware of the risks and the bonuses and are happy with their lives. There go I don’t believe the women in porn are objectified due to them giving consent.

I believe it is the consumers that objectify the women in pornography and in doing so objectify themselves. The consumers pay for the porn, keeping the adult film industry in business. If people thought it was so degrading and terrible, pornography would have been diminished years ago. But it hasn’t. The consumers get sexual satisfaction from the women in porn so in a way put them on a pedestal of objectification. Consumers view them as stars, so aren’t really degrading them, as their in pornography because they want to be anyway. So it is us, those outside the industry that I believe objectify the women because all we see them as is people making money through having sex. Obviously we appreciate them as human beings, the same as the rest of us but who are we to complain if they’ve made the decision to make money from sex? Sex sells. There go, live and let live. Porn is going no where.


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