Chema Madoz and Man Ray

"Dreaming Of Objects" by Chema Madoz

Considering my theme ‘Objectification of the Female Body’ I began thinking of bringing the word object to visual matter and include objects in my images. I came across a single image by Chema Madoz (a Spanish surrealist photographer) titled “Dreaming of Objects”. The image is simple, black and white and portrait. A women stands in a white dress behind a glass of wine, shaped like a v. The glass implies where the woman’s vagina is. I thought this subtlety and implication was very clever and interesting when addressing themes such as gender and sexuality. From this I came up with the idea of replacing peoples’ body parts with objects that resemble them, such as a banana and a penis. Or any other objects that people generally associate with genitalia. I also thought that like Madoz, I could crop the subjects face out of my images, making the gender of the person unknown to the audience. There go, I could have a women standing with an object linked to a males form, questioning people’s preconceived ideas of what a male and female should be, similarly to Paul Smiths work “This Is Not Pornography”.  Madoz also made me think of some of Man Rays photographs.

By Man Ray

Man Ray was an American artist who spent most of his life in France. Ray was inspired by his obsession with women and also began to explore female eroticism.  His images of the nude female form stick out most for me and there subtle implication of the female body resembling objects, such as the female back resembles a cello. I’m going to create some images similar to Madoz and Ray. I plan to replace or imply peoples’ body parts with everyday objects.

One comment

  1. I am looking for either a print, poster, or postcard of chema madoz dreaming of objects. can you advise? please & thank you.

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