More Man Ray

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Looking more closely at May Ray’s photography of nude women, it’s apparent he knew how to capture the female body in a stark and haunting way. I like how dark the images are and the emotions they evoke. The way in which Man Ray captured the body seemed to transform them into different variations of shapes, resembling objects. For example, the one of a woman’s bottom (shown in the slideshow) looks almost like a round cushion. I also like how Man Ray incorporated objects into his photography, making it quite apparent how much we objectify the female body and how the body can resemble so many everyday objects.

Man Ray was also the inventor of solarisation. Solarisation is when an image is wholly or partially reversed in tone. While working in his darkroom, Lee Miller (Man Rays student, photographic assistant, and lover) accidentally exposed a negative plate to light, causing it to ‘solarize.’ Together, she and Man Ray experimented with and refined the technique, which eventually brought great acclaim to Man Ray. I love the effect solarisation has on images and is something I want to experiment with when it comes to producing my images.  I also want to experiment in producing stark nudes similar to Man Ray.

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