More of Yoko Ono’s Work…

Yoko Ono created a number of films that focused on bodily details and the human anatomy, including “Cut Piece” (1964) where Ono is sat on a bare stage whilst members of the audience come forth and cut away the artists clothing.

Then there’s “Film No 4 Bottoms” (1966). A black and white film, which consists of 365 bottoms shot close up whilst walking. Each bottom plays for 15 seconds then goes on, one after the other.

From watching these films, I believe it shows how nudity does not necessarily objectify a person. Nudity is natural and should be celebrated. Obviously theres a time and a place for everything but I don’t believe Ono has objectified anyone, individually in the films. Maybe as a collective, for example all 365 bottoms in “Film No. 4 Bottoms” could be objectifying, as we are only viewing these people as that particular body part. This brings me back to one of my initial ideas of just photographing people’s genitals and how it could be a bit tedious and as a work as a whole, quite objectifying. But one may argue that photographing a person naked, no matter what the focus is, is objectifying in general. So, this made me think that by photographing peoples’ body parts I am objectifying them to a certain degree but I plan to write about the people I photograph to humanise them.

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