“My Mummy Was Beautiful” by Yoko Ono (2004)

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Yoko Ono is a Japanese/American artist whose works have often presented an objectified and dislocated view of the human body. I came across “My Mummy Was Beautiful” created for Yoko Ono’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, consisted of 21 canvases one metre square, depicting breasts and vaginas arranged on the ceiling of the gallery so that ‘one has to look up the vagina and the breasts on the ceiling – rather like looking up at your mom’s body when you are a baby’.  I thought this was a nice idea when considering presenting my works. Also, I like how the images are simple and matter of fact, taken straight on of the breast and the vagina.

From this I came up with the idea of just photographing peoples’ genitalia and creating a series. However, I don’t think it would link well with my themes of objectification as it would just highlight ‘all shapes, all sizes’.  And so linking to “My Mummy Was Beautiful” which pays tributes to mothers I photographed my mother’s body using my 35mm film camera.

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