Audience and Articles

After much deliberation I’ve finally decided that Ella will be the audience to my final piece. As women magazines always include sex sections and articles, I thought it would be more accessible to talk to Ella given my subject matter of pornography and fantasies. She is also of an appropriate age. To gain a better understanding on what sort of piece I’ll need to create, I started searching sex articles and looking through physical magazines.

Chosen Audience

I’ve flicked through my mother’s extensive collection of ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazines, dissecting the sex articles in all their filthy glory! I’ve noticed that the ratio of text to imagery is practically equal and the text is often set out in two or three columns.  The articles are easy to navigate through. However, each article in each separate issue is different. The fonts, colours and layouts change as well as the content. This could work to my advantage when creating my own article, as I won’t be too restricted in what I can do.

Some consistencies I have noticed is that the features always include statistics and professional opinions, emphasizing their knowledge and gaining the readers trust.  Quotes and statistics are often made bigger, making key information easily accessible for the reader. Articles often include first hand professional research where the writers/journalists ask people on the street for their opinions. They are presented as quotes and are accompanied with the person’s picture, name, occupation and city. Photographs included in the articles are often quite big and have quirky captions. When the articles are talking about sexual acts, sometimes a caption informs’ the readers that the models in the photographs, didn’t actually partake in the acts talked about in the article. They sometimes include pictures of the writer of the article or the experts spoken to, again to reaffirm their knowledge and authenticity. The photographs are always in colour and are highly stylized. The corners at the bottom of the pages include the page number, followed by ‘COSMOPOLITAN’ and the date, for example ‘January 2012’. The sex articles are normally situated later on in the magazine between the 100-200 pages.

The purposes of the articles are to inform and to entertain the readers, which is reflected in the way the articles are written. The articles are often written in second person including the reader with the use of possessive pronouns, “ours”, “us” etc. It feels the writer is speaking to you personally. The language is simple and quite colloquial so is easy for the reader to understand and follow.

The layout and language are two key factors I must try to emulate when creating my article for ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine to create an authentic piece of writing and overall article.

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