First Hand Research

To create an authentic article investigating sexual fantasies I conducted my own research and asked women which fantasies they found most appealing. The fantasies I had them choose from were some of the top female fantasies according to a Cosmopolitan survey. Below are some examples and the ones I used for my article.

From this I discovered that most people liked the Doctor scenario and the least amount of people liked the idea of having a threesome with two men. Statistics show that 20% of women fantasise about having a threesome whilst 65% fantasise about a man in a uniform such as a Doctor (Cosmopolitan survey) which fits with my own research. From my own research the order of these fantasies are 1) Doctor 2) Builder 3) Rock Star 4) Public Place 5)Threesome.

I included what the people above said in the article in the form of quotes, replacing their names to protect their identities.

Photos have been deleted due to explicit content.

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