Opening Scenes To Pornographic Scenes

After doing my initial photographs, encompassing some sexual fetishes through self-portraits, I really wanted to go back to my original idea. I wanted to start creating opening scenes to pornographic films. I wanted to move away from just sexual fetishes and desires represented in porn and focus more on the mundane characters and scenarios that people supposedly fantasize about. I started researching something called ‘reality porn’.

Reality porn scenes come with a back-story with real life folk and scenarios, such as the pizza boy delivering the pizza or the plumber whose come to fix the pipes. For me personally, these scenarios seem a little mundane to be a fantasy but psychologists and studies have shown that the simplest fantasies are often the most pleasing. Imagining these characters that can be reachable in your everyday life, makes it more exciting due to their believability. Fantasizing about Johnny Depp for example has a very limited chance of actually happening so is more of a distraction, which ruins the idea of using it as a fantasy, ultimately a way of reaching pleasure. Thinking about these everyday scenarios makes people think ‘ohhh this could actually happen to me!’ and so could be acted out in real life.  I then began researching the differences between male and female fantasies. Females like to create stories of romantic encounters to get turned on whilst men usually visualize genitalia and explicit imagery. Romantic.

For my photographs I plan to present them in a sort of comic strip layout, so the viewer can easily see the scenario play out. Similar to those stories found in newspapers. I plan to put text/captions from actual porn scenes by the images somewhere to create authenticity and to reaffirm that these scenarios have been acted out within porn.

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