Dolls and Pinhole Photography

Continuing with photographing strange figurines, dolls and other memorabilia I started to create more ghostly images only this time I used my digital pinhole camera. To make my digital pinhole camera, I simply replaced the lens with a black piece of card and poked a pin in the middle. Simple.

I chose to photograph figurines that are world famous within the horror movie genre, Michael Myers from Halloween at which my boyfriend has an extensive collection, The Crow, creatures from Predator and Alien and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I took the images of The Crow and the Michael Myers figurines inside, in artificial light. These figurines sit on a shelf to the side of the living room so some shadows were created, but not many. I used a slow shutter speed and moved my camera deliberately when taking the images to create a blurred movement effect, thus emphasising that ghostly ambience. I only shot in black and white because I prefer black and white photography and find them more atmospheric. I particularly like the shots of the blurred Michael Myers figurine holding a knife, I instantly reminisce those gruesome scenes from Halloween itself.

The images of the Predators and Alien figurines were taken by a window, so there was a strong source of natural light, creating a high contrast between the light and dark areas on the figurine. I particularly like the close up shot shown below. However, I find the blurred images more atmospheric and more effective in what I want to create.

All photographs © Sophie Moet

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