Collecting Light

Here are some examples of images taken in natural light. The image taken on the train had a very strong light source, as we were sat by the window on a bright day and the sunny rays were pouring through. Whilst the shadowy images were taken inside, and we stood facing the window. The light was strong, but the panels interrupted the light, thus creating shadows and areas of dimness on my subjects face. I particularly like that one of Kev. The ones taken in bed are both very soft but the light sources were quite different. The image of us lying down was taken in my old room, which had a cream blind, tinting my whole bedroom in a light milkiness. Whereas, the photograph of Kev sleeping, was taken in his old room, where the light was flat and dim. I did enhance this photograph by dimming the vibrance, to make it as I saw him and not how the camera did.

Photography © Sophie Moet

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