Pinhole Self-Portraits

In my images I want to depict powerful emotions; Anger, Jealousy, Bitterness, Tiredness, Hope, Lust, Love, Pain, all at which are conceptual, things we cannot see yet are everywhere. In pinhole photography it seems that the images evoke and tease us as the audience. The images are often unclear, out of focus or a blur. It makes it hard to determine what the actual object was and so we come up with our own ideas. I thought this was perfect considering human emotion because it’s often unclear and not visible to the human eye.

Emotions rip and writhe within a person before they explode. With this idea in mind, I created these images, as sheer experimentation. I love Francesca Woodman’s work at which these images are strongly inspired. I wanted to create the feeling of a girl wanting to escape herself and whatever is hurting and haunting her.

To create the images, I set my digital pinhole camera on self-timer and interval shooting mode, meaning the camera would take pictures over and over again. I used a low shutter speed and sat in quite dim light. I shook and spun my head allowing the camera to capture my movements. I find these images very haunting and effective, although I feel I need to be more expressive to evoke more emotion or just one particular emotion. This sort of image making is something I want to experiment with more, in different modes of lighting and expressing different feelings. I wouldn’t mind doing a shoot in the woods and combine strobe lights and glow sticks…something quite Skins-esque.

All Photography © Sophie Moet

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