A look back

Photographs © Sophie Moet

After looking at Peter Dench’s work, I had a look back at some photographs I had taken last Halloween. Ok I’ll admit it, I was tipsy and eventually so very drunk. Therefore, when it came to actually viewing the images the next day, I couldn’t and still can’t remember taking a vast majority of them. So for me these images really are the epitome of British culture and drinking. There not exactly fantastic images but none the less. Also, excuse the faces I’m pulling. I’m weird when I drink.

Halloween is a big part of western culture and for us Brits it is a chance for us to go out in fancy dress and make a joke of ourselves. Or a chance for those kind of girls that try to be sexy and go out in underwear. Whatever floats your boat really. I was necking too much Jager and absinthe to care. Anyway. I tried to enhance the colours in my photos to make them seem garish like Dench’s works but I didn’t want to change anything else. The photos are as they were when I took them. I’d tell you what camera I used…but I can’t remember.

After looking at these images, it’s made me think of what exactly I want to capture when I approach this sort of thing again. Those spontaneous drunken moments, a guy passed out on the pavement, things that you always see yet always seem more shocking in photographic terms.

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