Wetherspoons, Walsall, 28/4/12-Human Presence Task 2

On Saturday, I used my digital pinhole camera to take some images of nightlife in Walsall. I know, I know, Walsall, but never mind. Wetherspoons usually gets really busy at about 9:30 pm  on Saturdays, as it’s usually where most people begin their ‘wild’ night of ‘partying’. There go, I waltzed into Spoons and started taking pictures of people crowded round the bar, sitting down all enjoying a beverage.

The last couple of photographs were taken the following day, the Sunday. The place had an ambience of calm and emptiness. The morning was miserable and grey which probably had an effect on why the pub seemed to be ‘extra’ empty. These photos in particular work more effectively for the second human presence task of capturing still lives and focusing on more minute details.

Photographs © Sophie Moet

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