A solemn night in Walsall

Last Saturday I followed Kev and Jellybean as they went out in the wonderful Walsall. It was a dreary, miserable evening, a disastrous setting for two men looking to cheer themselves up. Jellybean had recently undergone the tragedy of having his heart broken and Kev was weary and tired after a long week at work. It seemed this glum ambience had seeped into every corner of Walsall, as quite literally everyone looked somewhat dejected, myself included. I don’t know what it was but we all felt a bit sedated. So as I began taking some images, I felt using the natural light sources in these places was enough. I experimented with using both the built in flash and strobe light (some examples are below) but it seemed to diminish the dismal and melancholy in the atmosphere. This started to get me thinking of what story I want to tell.

Stories of people who are out in a social situation but inwardly are somewhere else. A person haunted by memories of a past love like Jellybean for example. Then I thought that creating a video would justify this sort of story telling. With this idea in mind I began photographing other people who were out when we were. A woman in a vivid green dress especially stood out for me. She had been arguing with what appeared to be with a family member for the majority of the night and was holding back tears. Solemn. And that’s the mood I want my story to follow.

Below are some of the images I took with limited editing in colour.

Photographs © Sophie Moet

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