Final Piece

My mind is heavy, weak with thoughts of you

That tingle, that burn, that honeydew

Your sweet biscuit odour, that sultry stare

Your pale thin limbs and ebony hair

The hurt remains with me, here with me still

Haunted and aching, I’m losing the will.

Drunkenness, sex and cigarettes

Wanting that passion, I cannot forget

Outside heart broken, I cannot condone

Delights of the night, delights still unknown. 

For my final presentation piece I have created a photo film, which includes pinhole photography and video as well as digital.  In short the story follows a man on a solemn night on the town as he reminisces about his past lover. Liquor, cigarettes, head banging, dark rooms and glittering lights temporarily transfix him. However, the memories of the girl continue to burn him, even when he returns home.

When creating the images for this project I helplessly began to notice things about people on a night out. Some individuals appeared to be so wild and careless, others dejected and sad. The latter I found more potent. The overwhelming smells of nicotine, beer and sweat, the ambience of desperate drunkenness and the bright disco lights all seemed to mask something a whole lot larger and significant about human nature. Some people go out in order to escape, others to heal and some to self-destruct. I thought this was an interesting concept to begin my story telling; the human presence on a night out, the feelings people carry with them and the atmosphere they create.

In the fictional story I created, my main character is on a night out with his friend. Despite attempting to have a good time, enjoying a few beverages, the company and soaking up the musical offerings, his mind hopelessly returns to thoughts of his past lover. To create a contrast between the man’s past/memories and his present I manipulated the use of colour. The images and clips of the girl appear in a glowing, soft tint whilst the man appears in black and white. I did this to make it clear to the audience of a time change and that they are only his memories, the softness in the girls clips emphasises that dreamlike quality memories so often have.

The majority of the photographs are black and white because I feel it enhances that solemn, sullen atmosphere and symbolises how now the girl is no longer the protagonists’, his life has lost all colour and light.  The photographs of the dance floors and the guys driving on their way out I chose to keep in colour. The colours are so vibrant and highlighted the people in interesting ways, so I found them more eye-catching then in black and white. Therefore, I also kept the clips of the protagonist head banging in colour because the lights and tints formed were interesting.

An aspect of the video I was extremely uncertain of was what kind of music to have to accompany my images. There were so many different metal and rock songs I put to the images, just because that’s the sort of music played in the places I documented. However, I found this too harsh and predictable. So then I tried playing the video to classical music and building a video around that but I didn’t like it. Eventually I decided on ‘Nude’ by Radiohead, it’s dream like, with big and small moments, so I think it works well with the story I created.

The order of the video follows a small intro to give the audience a setting, a character and an insight to the protagonists’ memory of his past lover. The rest of the video is the main character and his friend out, smoking, dancing and at home with memories of the girl dispersed in between.  Then closing credits. I had also written a poem to go alongside the video, to offer the audience more insight into the story and a better understanding. I played around with the idea of including the poem in the actual video, but decided it worked better without it. To get an outsiders opinion, some of my classmates viewed the photo film. The majority weren’t keen on having to read a long piece of text at the beginning or end of the poem. However, I still wanted the poem to be apart of the piece to offer some more context. Therefore, if my video was played in an exhibition space, I would have the poem printed on a piece of paper, mounted and stuck to the wall besides my projected video. I would also make my video accessible online via youtube and my blog. On youtube, I would include the poem in the description box as well as a short synopsis to put the video into context. In both circumstances, the exhibition or online, the poem would be accessible to those who want to read it and learn more about the story, although it is not compulsory.

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