Gosford Street

Far Gosford Street is one of the few streets in Coventry to have survived the combined effect of modernisation, the effect of dilapidation and the Blitz. Both the medieval street and some of its buildings are preserved. During the Blitz in November 1940, Gosford Street largely escaped serious damage, making it a highly cultural and historical place to ponder through. The following are some thoughts as to why I should possibly choose Gosford Street as my location for my core brief:

  • The street thrived as a shopping area in the 1950s while the city Centre was gradually being rebuilt. There’s a small vintage shop on Gosford Street. I could reel off into the world of 1950’s fashion; take the audience back to a time where the street was doing extremely well.
  • Gosford Book Shop. I love the store. I could research the history of the shop, or maybe re -create the stories from the books the shop holds.
  • Gosford Street is one of the most historical places in Coventry, finding stories about what’s happened on the street could be interesting in scoping the area.

Gosford Street and Coventry Cathedral would be both very efficient to research as there’s so much access about these places due to World War II.

However, something in another location strikes me on a more personal level. Despite World War II interesting me, I want to explore the world of crime in Coventry, what areas are conflicted by violence and drug abuse the most. These dangerous elements of life have been a part of my own from a young age and have affected those closest to me. I want to discover, how it effects certain locations in Coventry too. Spon Street and Spon End being particular areas of interests.

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