Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

For my core project I like the idea of creating a video of my father’s final walk after viewing ‘Alter Bahnhof Video Walk’. Created by artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller invites viewers to Kassel’s Hauptbahnhof to take a walk through the old train station. Equipped with portable media players that can be borrowed at the station, or provided with downloads for personal media devices, participants are guided through the station by image and sound. The events unfolding on the small screen, previously filmed by the artists, show the exact location in which participants are located, and play back its sounds. The viewers are influenced by the artists’ perspective of the location, whilst the viewers’ actual surroundings affect their immediate response. The overlapping realities create a strange and unique viewing experience. Paradoxes between fiction and reality intertwine, should we follow what’s happening on the small screen and follow the artists’ voice? Or pay attention to the physical surroundings and sounds? There are different levels of confusion that can interplay within this piece but I truly love this video. It’s creative and unique and has wanted me to start shooting video of my chosen location.

Here is a 8-minute clip of a 26-minute piece available on YouTube:


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