CSI Lecture

As of late death and crime has been that of commonplace in our lectures and so having the chance to meet Paul Smith’s brother, Keith Smith, a CBRNC investigator was an exciting opportunity to learn about crime from a primal source. Keith, a forensic photographer spoke extensively about his work, revealing the seedier and grittier side of what photography has to offer, which, “is nothing like CSI!” Keith, who specializes in fire, rape and murder investigations, was surprisingly aloof and blunt about the daily goings on of what his job entails. “I’m there to do my job, nothing more”. I was curious how a person whose daily sights are that of blood, tragedy and malicious crime could somehow separate himself so well from this highly complex career. However, upon questioning, Keith revealed, “Sometimes I like taking photographs of nature. I get to travel a lot so sometimes it’s quite nice to have a quiet moment but photography definitely isn’t a hobby for me’.

In class we had the chance to live out some of the necessary practices when approaching a crime scene including: taking fingerprints, wearing bodysuits (normally worn in murder/fire scenes), taking photographs whilst wearing the minimum of three pairs of plastic gloves, taking shoe prints and capturing evidence. All images were from an objective, harsh viewpoint as required when taking forensic images worthy for court trials and so on. The class and practical’s were highly enjoyable and interesting. Below are some images from the day:

© Sophie Moet

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