Joachim Schmid

In my core project, as briefly mentioned before, I’d liked to compare myself alongside my father, both mentally and physically. This may be a struggle as he is no longer here; nonetheless, I’d like to compare myself from the things and impressions he’s left behind. In relation to comparing, in class we were introduced to German artist Joachim Schmid.

‘Photogenic Drafts’ Joachim Schmid

‘Photogenic Drafts’ Joachim Schmid

Schmid using other people’s, often mundane, photographs, creates artwork that is alluring, intriguing, and captivating. He reworks images, rips them, tears them, and re-arranges them to create entirely new images, thus forming utterly unique perceptions of viewing images. I particularly liked Schmid’s collage portraits from his series, ‘Photogenetic Drafts’ (1991).  Schmid was sent a box of negatives by a Bavarian studio photographer who had deliberately cut the negatives in two so they could not be reused. Initially thrown off guard by this, Schmid then realised that this gave him a chance to question the predictability of the studio portrait. He decided to splice together two halves of two different negatives, creating a series of disturbing ‘double’ portraits. I’d like to experiment combining two separate images, one of me and one of my father, as people often say we look alike…let’s see shall we:

Schmid Inspired © Sophie Moet

After Schmid © Sophie Moet


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