25th February 2010

After reading my fathers’ various documents I’ve been able to form an accurate time line of events of the night of the suicide.

  1. My father left his house at 8.30pm, where he had consumed a concoction of methadone and heroin.
  2. Along his journey, he bought and consumed substances, ‘more than likely cocaine’ in the passage way of Spon Street.
  3. My father continued to walk, across Meadow Street and headed towards Givens House.
  4. He entered the building after two young boys allowed him in.
  5. My father then headed to the 8th floor via the lift to meet drug dealers in their home no. 50.
  6. Soon after, my father headed out onto to the balcony.
  7. He paces the balcony and the space outside the lift and stairwell.
  8. He psyched himself up, ran and jumped off the 8th floor at Givens House at 9.16pm.

Having this information I’ve been able to retrace his route clearly. Something I did for the first time last night. It was strange to say the least. I will go into more depth of his final moments in my book using the eye witnesses statement, the young boy who tried to perfrom CPR and called the police and ambulance service as accompanying evidence.

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