Death Certificate and Statement

In terms of editing my video, my fathers’ death certificate and a statement from a witness have proved vital in my decision making. I had always wondered if my father was under the influence of drugs the night he killed himself, I always assumed the answer was yes. I was right. The death certificate, in a more direct way, shows that my father died from severe head injury and multi-drug substance misuse including cocaine, methadone, and morphine/heroin. In the statement, the 18 year old  boy describes how my father, ‘appeared to be on something’ when he saw him in the lift and how when he was trying to carry out CPR, ‘there was a lot of blood coming out of his nose, mouth and head, mainly the left side of his head’. I found it interesting comparing these two pieces of vital evidence. The death certificate is cold and factual, a piece of paper with printed font, outlining the exact cause of death. Meanwhile, the statement is more human and raw, written by hand including corrections and misspellings. The statement upsets me far more than the death certificate. I’d thought the death certificate would be more profound as there it is, printed on heavy grand paper in typed words confirming my father is dead. But no, it’s the statement. The boy recounts everything so I was finally able to discover what my father actually did on the night of 25th February 2010.  And so I’ve read the statement multiple times and was able to recreate his final moments in Givens House to the best of my ability.  When presenting the statement in my final piece I will block out parts so the viewers only reads vital information.

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