Family photographs continued…Stewart as a man, a father and addict

Near the end of my book I explore my father’s life through images. Starting from his birth and childhood (his teenage years remain a mystery so I will leave blank pages) then Stewart as a father, myself (blank pages as I know my father was coming in and out of prison and hospitals during this time, the reasons and convictions I do not know of) and as a drug addict, then outline his final moments which I explore in the beginning of the book. Below begins with my mother, then my father as a boy having a baby (me), the  very few images showing the periods when he was on drugs, the brief encounters he had with seeing me as a child. The years from seeing me as a child to when he re-entered my life when I was twelve, again, remain unknown to me due to my family being reluctant and not knowing themselves the full extent of my fathers addiction, mental health and crimes he committed during this time. I went to Coventry and Walsgrave hospital in an attempt to gain more information but my father’s recored are under data protection.

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