Nightclub Photography, Digital Flow (5/1/13)

Earlsdon Cottage by Sophie Moet

Earlsdon Cottage by Sophie Moet

In the evening after assisting Darren Key at ‘Dark Lens’, I met up with Edward Taylor of, ‘Digital-Flow’ to learn and practice taking photographs at nightclub venues in Coventry. I assisted him for a couple of hours, photographing the customers of Earlsdon Cottage. Here are the settings used during the evening:



Shutter Speed

1/4 to 1/8 inside

1/15 to 1/30 outside


4.5 or 5 depending how many people you photograph

I only took a few images and was reluctant to take over and approach people. Hopefully this will change after more experience. Taylor was fast paced and shot extremely quickly and efficiently, I didn’t even realise he was changing the settings on his camera as he was moving around the venue! It was a good taster into photographing nightlife and one I need to adapt to if I have the opportunity again.

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