Portraits, Dark Lens (6/1/13)


Darren Key with Baby Love Shows by Sophie Moet

Darren Key with Baby Love Shows by Sophie Moet

On Sunday, I assisted Darren Key  (Daz) at ‘Dark Lens’ on a promotional photo shoot for girl band ‘Baby Love Shows’. Inspired by The Supremes and Dreamgirls the ladies were the epitome of classic glamour, dressed in long sparkling dresses with pristine baby doll make up and smiles to match the ladies were a dream to work with and I was really excited to help out with the shoot!

Using images taken from the film Dreamgirls, Key, myself and the girls from ‘Baby Love Shows’ all thought of different ways to pose them. This showed me how research can be extremely useful when leading a photo shoot to ensure you create the most authentic image possible for a particular theme. During the shoot I moved around lighting, held large reflectors and gave some input on how the ladies should pose. Once the shoot was completed which included two dress changes, head shots, group shots and make up touch ups, I took the image above of the ladies in all their glory and Mr. Key himself! Below are some images from the shoot!


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