Anthony Luvera Talk 7/2/13

Notes taken from Anthony Luvera’s talk:

After doing my research on Anthony Luvera before the talk itself, I felt I had a well informed understanding of his work. However, Luvera presented images I had never seen before, such as the images taken by the homeless people of where they sleep or their families. A striking set were by a man who photographed boxes. Hundreds of boxes. Boxes were where the man slept, and keeping and finding new boxes in London was a daily struggle and norm in his life. I thought it was a really nice insight into how the other side live and see things.

As well as this I made a quick sketch of how Luvera presented his, ‘Assisted Self-Portraits’ in an exhibition space. He had the images stuck to the walls with tape, which framed some of the images, had small, medium and large sized images surrounding and other pieces, such as tags, which the audience could interact with. I like this idea of interaction and want to incorporate some of the elements evident in Luvera’s exhibition layout.

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