Negotiation Task Second Meeting

Tonight, I met up with my stranger, otherwise known as Joel Greenbury. We negotiated the images and Joel even took a few images himself! We also shot some other strangers and images together! Here are the results…I’d go into further detail but it’s now 3.10am so…enjoy!

So it’s now later and upon reflection of these images, it truly was a negotiation and I enjoyed taking photographs of those around me, both aware and unaware. This has been the driving force behind my photo sessions so far, capturing life unfolding around me. People drinking, smoking, arguing, laughing or extremely bored. I want to show the scope of emotions and typical events of my night out that could potentially be universal themes or at least relate to a few people. Since this night I’ve been documenting my nights out relentlessly but I am yet to form a constructive or relatable narrative. Having been inspired by Nan Goldin I feel I need to create a story with my images and look deeper into them. So far the common themes are that of mundanity. Maybe I could advance from this.

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