Ballad Slideshow

In this slideshow, The Tiger Lillies perform a live 42 minute soundtrack for ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency’, one continuous piece of music that evolves and underscores the beauty, pain, joy, tragedy and sorrow of relationships and the startling images by Nan Goldin. However, whilst watching this 40 minute video of Goldin’t images I found myself getting bored. Yes the music and images are riveting, but this edit exudes monotony. The images appear on the screen for far too long and the music is at points highly depressing and numbing. I’m not entirely sure if this video is an actual edit by Nan Goldin. After researching into Goldin’s for ever changing slideshows of the ‘Ballad’ many reviewers say that the images from the series only appear for a few seconds at a time. This seems far more appropriate. Baring in mind this distinctive  quality of Goldin’s slideshows I found some videos, recorded by the viewers of a few of her slideshows.

These videos are clearly different to the first video and I much prefer them. I have a lot of images so having them appear for short periods of time like in Goldin’s slideshows will be most effective. As well as the images the soundtrack played alongside them is of utmost importance in setting the tone for the viewer. The soundtrack is programmed and created by Goldin and is very much considered. I want to find music that is quite atmospheric. The soundtrack to movie, ‘Tarnation’ and ‘Thirteen’ hold tracks that are emotional, serious, fun and rocky and I plan to use some for my slideshow.

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