Friends and Strangers

Iain and Bridie are good friends who I go out with quite regularly, especially Iain. I’m always guaranteed to have a relaxed yet never boring night out with this artsy duo so always have a small compulsion to bring a camera on a night out with them anyway! On this occasion I used a Nikon D700 and focused on Bridie and Iain, with a few of me included. Some we appear a little dejected with life as we sit at our usual dark table sipping on our drinks or our eyes appearing dazed or playing with phones, uninterested. This particular night was extremely spur of the moment and we were all quite tired. Nevertheless, we made the most of it and had a quiet one. I also took images of people in my environment. Some of the strangers reacted to the camera or even asked to have their picture taken whilst in others I took more of a documentary approach and shot images without the strangers’ awareness. But overall I like the combination of both.

In this set of images a mixture of slight boredom (sitting drinking in Quidds Inn) and playfulness (the images of the man stripping off and singing to me). I’d like to mention that I know the man who took off his top and sang the lyrics of Whitney Houston to me. I know him for reasons which I really shouldn’t blog about, but it’s just as playful and weird, just dropping that in there. From this set of images I reminisced about Peter Dench, who manages to capture British culture and his series DrinkUK. The strangers in this set are extremely drunk. Note the lady in the bathroom, the guy stripping (obviously) and the two boys smoking and hugging. This is real life. We always encounter these sorts of people on a night out either happily or annoyingly. Either way I feel these images really add something to the project. As a result all the images of strangers as a group could represent a tribe. This will run nicely when creating a slideshow.

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