Soundtrack Choices for Slideshow

For my slideshow I want to create a feeling of turbulence, setting different tones through the use of music, switching between solemn and playful, bringing emphasise to my images. I have decided to use tracks from two favourite movie soundtracks of mine, ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Tarnation’ as well as some tracks I initially heard from teen dramas on T.V. I feel that because these soundtracks were created to move alongside moving and still images, are the reasons as to why the tensions within the tracks work so well and are so emotive. I feel these moving and varied tracks will be really effective in emphasizing my images whilst setting different atmospheres for my viewers, forming a narrative for them to follow.

Initial Music Choices

Initial Music Choices

I have made a few changes to my final music choices through trying various sequences with different tracks whilst asking others for their opinions. Initially I was going to use a heavy metal track (‘Hit Me’ by Mark Mothersbaugh) with the images of Kev, and me, as this was the sort of music that engulfed our social and personal environment. For me it also reinforced/suggested to the viewers certain unsteadiness and rockiness within the relationship. However, upon reflection I felt it was too obvious of a song choice and others agreed that it was too abrupt and slightly cliché. Therefore, I decided to use a calm song, juxtaposing with the images slightly and setting a more solemn tone as we witness a breakdown of a relationship (‘Laser Beam’ by Low).

In relation to the images of strangers and friends I wanted an upbeat song to show a more playful side of my nights out. I also wanted to reflect a social awakening of myself and friends as the majority of us are free and single. This would contrast with the first sequence and start to form a narrative for the viewer and show the change in tribes. Again I played around with various songs including ‘Imperial Teen’ by Ivanka and ‘Clinic’ by Equaliser.

However, I thought when these songs were played along those of images from my strangers’ task and nights out since then with that particular tribe (Joel etc) didn’t work as well. In those sets of images we witness Andy and Emmaline fall out, tiredness and boredom.  Therefore, I opted for a song that carries more of a range, moments of calm and up beats. I chose, ‘Reptile’ by Lisa Germano. In this set, this was my second meeting with my stranger and I also took images of other strangers. It was the unfamiliar. The lyrics in, ‘Reptile’ reflects such feelings whilst also suggesting other emotions, which are evident in the images:

Down on the corner
So unfamiliar
And making me wonder

All of the robots
Around it are dying
Craving emotions
And constantly fighting

The sun came out
And it didn’t go away
No, it didn’t
It didn’t go away

I still wanted to create a more light hearted, youthful sequence to create waves of emotions within the piece as a whole. There go, with the disposable images of nights out with my friends I wanted a really up beat almost dance floor type song. The fact the images all possess that sickly bright falsh, blue tinge aesthetic having a beat the images could flash along with seemed like an effective idea. So far it has worked. I chose, ‘On Dancefloors’ by Metronomy.

Overall, the sequencing of my slideshow is chronological. The images and their varying tones are very up and down which I feel I have reinforced well with my music choices. Below are the final three tracks to my slideshow.

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