Personal Project, Dark Lens Studio (26/3/13)


Edward Taylor of Digital Flow, Dark Lens Studio

The Dark Lens studio was quiet today so I pulled together a small photo shoot to practice with the studio lights. I had been inspired by a black and white headshot image of photographer Ryan McGinley but after numerous attempts to emulate the lighting in the image, I just did my own thing! Below are diagrams of the lighting techniques I used:



At first I used two soft boxes to create even light on both sides of the subject, moving them between being directly beside the subject, slightly behind and in front. However, the shadows were still not correct.



2) The light had to be harsher so I used a snoot with the soft boxes but it still didn’t work.



3) I removed the light boxes and just used the snoot. The images still didn’t come out like the one of McGinley. After studying the image more, I think barn doors may be used and the lighting was far stronger and harsh compared to the lighting I created. Also, I should have used a black back drop instead of grey.

Nonetheless I liked the final image and I do want to try and create the lighting seen in McGinley’s image again! Below is the image!


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