Personal Project, O2 Academy (23/4/13)


I got another opportunity to photograph a music gig, after getting into contact with the press manager of up and coming metal band, ‘Bleed From Within’. The bands were to perform at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, which I got a free press pass for.  There were two support acts whilst ‘Bleed From Within’ were headlining.

The gig was quite small and crowded. Due to the nature of the performances and people the music attracts, there was no press pit! Sigh! This meant I had to photograph the acts as a part of the crowd. I managed to work my way to the front of the audience by the barriers but as I was in the crowd, I couldn’t move around the stage or shoot from many different angles. The lighting was very low which meant I had to rely heavily on manual settings to shoot the acts.

I used a Nikon D700, which proved most helpful and far better compared to using the Canon in my first gig. I shot at a massive 6400 ISO, 1/80 and F Stop 2.8. This meant there was a massive amount of grain in my shots but given the lighting conditions, it was something I had to deal with.

I photographed the second act, ‘Heart of a Coward’ and ‘Bleed From Within’. ‘Heart of a Coward’ was more enjoyable to photograph due to the expression and intensity of the performers. The performers from ‘Bleed From Within’ were constantly moving so it was really difficult to get a sharp image of them. Nonetheless, I liked photographing the gig, although, a press pit would have been much appreciated.

Heart of a Coward

Bleed From Within

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