Family Shoot, Dark Lens Studios (3/5/13)

After finishing work I headed over to Dark Lens, to shadow Daz on another family portrait session. I’ve observed Daz on numerous shoots but haven’t documented the experience or evidenced what I’ve seen in its entirety. There go, I went down to the studio with a Canon Mark II, which I booked, from the media loan shop at university, ready to document the day’s events.

By the time I arrived at the studio, Daz had one more family photo shoot with two brothers and their parents. The parents wanted images of the children only. In recognising this, we realised the importance of getting the siblings alone in the shots without the parents. As I’ve mentioned before, the parents are paying for professional looking images of their children that they are unable to get but it’s important to use them to get reactions out of the children as well as enforcing more control over them.

The brothers were still quite young but old enough to understand and to take direction, well the eldest was who was about 9. His brother was still a toddler and continued to run away from the camera and out of the studio space into the reception. It was thoroughly entertaining, watching his mother continue running after him picking him up, placing him back in front of the camera then watching him run away again. Daz remained patient and cheerful, maintaining that professional demeanor.  Eventually, he allowed the brothers to play around and simply documented them, which made for some really happy, candid images. Usually, he directs more but on the occasion, the brothers were having so much it was just as good letting them do there on thing, which I’ll remember.

After the photo shoot had finished we all heading into the reception area whereby Daz signed off the consent forms, took note of the family’s order and charged the parents for his services. These moments allow me to understand more about the business side of the industry, prices and how to form money from taking images.

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