Photo Shoot, Dark Lens Studios (4/5/13)


On Saturday, I assisted and shadowed Daz on a photographing a woman whose birthday it was. The photo shoot and the images produced were a birthday treat. She wore a peach lace embroidery dress, made and designed by her friend who had just opened up a boudoir in Birmingham.

The women got ready in the dressing room. Once she was ready Daz entertained her and her friend, as I set up the studio and camera, ready for the shoot. After meeting and greeting, Daz began the shoot. He took a few test shots to ensure the lighting was correct then began directing the model on how to pose. Daz used the necessary and clear phrases he normally uses when directing a photo shoot, such as ‘move to your left’, ‘look over your right shoulder’, ‘your’ being the important word to remember. When directing a photo shoot it’s important to give the model clear directions to make the experience more fluid.  Once Daz had enough images taken in the main studio, we went into the smaller one, whereby he used a black back drop and one soft box. Here I assisted by holding reflectors, to bounce back the light onto the models face and on her back. Once the photo shoot was finished, we moved into the reception whereby the women paid and Daz signed off the consent form.

Below are some screen shots from the video footage from that day:

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