202MC: Creative Response, Bibliography and Blogbooker


I wanted to focus on the William Morris Building to reflect the changes Coventry has gone through which coincide perfectly with the changes made in the building itself. The city has experienced a multitude of changes, successes and failings due to a combination of the following: The Second World War, the city’s motor industries, war efforts, re-building the city, the conservative government, unemployment, riots, protests, recessions and education. All of these events have also effected The William Morris building as I’ve outlined before. To bring this to visual terms I decided to create a photo mosaic and taking into consideration appropriation. Appropriation can be understood as sampling, borrowing and recycling in order to create a new work. It’s using somebody else’s work, such as a photograph, changing its context or manipulating it in someway for example until you create something completely new. I used an image of the William Morris Building I had taken as the main image then created the mosaic by using images online and images by Andy McGeechan, the latter I had permission to use.

I wanted to create an image of The William Morris Building out of lots of images to offer the context and different purposes the building has been summoned to which links with my other areas of research. Therefore, I collected images of Thatcher, riots, marches in Coventry, post war images, Coventry throughout that last century, The Second World War and so on to reflect both the buildings rich history as well as the city’s. Below is my final image, a digital artefact. If I were to have the piece exhibited I would have it blown up to a large scale, so the audience could see the smaller images more clearly.

Below is a close up of the mosaic parts of the image:


Bibliography 202MC

Blogbooker Sophie Moet 202MC

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