Coventry, 1985 by Robert Ludlow

Below is a poem written by my Grandad, who witnessed the changes in Coventry due to the country being led by the conservatives from the 70’s-90’s. It reflects the changes in the cities economy, loss of jobs and hopes for the future due to intervention of technology and education. My Grandfather certainly didn’t support or appreciate what Thatcher did to the country which is also evident in the poem.

Coventry, 1985

And when Godiva on her horse

Rode naked through the town

To save the people from the tax

And ease their frowning brows

Did she know what ere would come

After she was gone

The industry and empathy

The inheritance of her home

The leveled ground, from World War II

The wanton death and carnage

Soak twenty years of labor

From our patronage

And when the motors off the track

Rolled onto the tar

With wages high, the men would say

‘It’s a better life by far’

But now the tracks are standing still

The factories standing empty

The workers standing at the dole

Their faces showing amity

Yes we people now are down

But soon we will arise

Technology is with us now

Let’s hope we will be wise.


By Robert Ludlow

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