Joy Division


I can’t explain it but Joy Division has always got to me. Perhaps it’s the suicide of its troubled front man Ian Curtis. An event by which my Grandfather convinced informed my father’s own suicide. My father had always been a fan. During mental assessments in the nineties after being diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression, doctors and psychiatrists a like, urged and banned my father from listening to such melancholic music. Joy Division was amongst the playlist. My Grandfather too thought and still thinks it was the music from Joy Division in particular that effected and changed my father. Now, I don’t believe that Joy Divisions music is to blame for my fathers suicide. However, I do recognize some similarities between him and Ian Curtis,  suicide not included. Maybe they were simply of similar character. My father’s suicide final note read, ‘I love u all I’m sorry’ handwritten on a Joy Division post it note.


Joy Division encapsulates something for me, suicide aside, as tragic as that is. Something I can’t quite put my finger on. The deep story-telling lyrics and industrial sounds take you to another place: somewhere dark and brooding. I want my images to do the same. I want my images to be influenced by Joy Division, their lyrics and sounds in some way. The song ‘Candidate’ I find extremely inspiring and moving and could perhaps play alongside images of characters similar to the late Ian Curtis or my father.

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