Alienated Sensory Mashup Task

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It was Sunday 6, 2013, at four in the afternoon I was at 79 Stoke Row, in Coventry. I then walked with my boyfriend to Walsgrave Road, arriving at Subway at four twenty.


It was Sunday 6, 2013, at four in the afternoon I was at 79 Stoke Row, in Coventry. It was my boyfriends’ house. I had spent the day with my brother but planned to see my boyfriend afterward. I was in a good mood. I hadn’t seen my brother in a while and his conversations of his goings on are always boyishly brilliant, despite being 31. I find him endearing and always cheers me up. The sun was shining but the air was still cool. I was dressed in a t-shirt jeans and doc martens. It was a nice day. I travelled to Stoke Row via bus, the number 10, after seeing my brother for a few hours. I arrived at 79, Stoke Row, grabbed the camera and blind folded my boyfriend, thus becoming ‘Eyes’ and my boyfriend, ‘Ears’.

I decided to walk from Stoke Row to Subway on Walsgrave Road for three reasons: 1) I was hungry 2) It was a quick journey so ‘Ears’ wouldn’t have to be blindfolded for too long and 3) That area can get busy and noisy with the shops and main roads but it being Sunday there would allow moments of quiet to catch on to voices or trees rustling and so on. ‘Ears’ used my phone to record the sounds. I led him from Stoke Row, turned right, remaining on Stoke Row, took a left onto Clay Lane, took the fourth right onto Walsgrave Road, crossed at a traffic lights and continued up Walsgrave Road until we reached Subway. We also entered a 99p shop along the way just to take him into a slightly different environment. ‘Ears’ stopped specifically to take recordings of people: children who were laughing up in a tree, a dog barking down the street and the shop clerks and people communicating with them.  He also stopped when he could hear a drill. The house had men working on it, who asked what we were doing.

I took images of the same journey whilst using earplugs. I realized how many different textures there were and the vast amount of graffiti and so focused on that. I also found myself looking up a lot. The telephone wires, which interrupted the sky, were everywhere. I also photographed a dog and people, which were all different to the ones ‘Ears’ recorded but reflect and do justice what that particular journey is like. I also photographed some of the side streets including Quarrywood Grove and Villiers Street. Below is the journey seen from Google Street View. Some of the things, which appear on Street View, are things I chose to focus on in my own photographs.

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‘Ears’ used my phone to make the sound recordings. Unfortunately, I was unable to edit them into one concise sound due to their file type. All the recordings are still available to listen to on my Sound Cloud here but appear as separate sounds. My photos from the journey are also available on my Flickr here.

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