Unphotographable Phiction Task

Working alone, you should choose one of Michael David Murphy’s “Unphotographable” posts and create a multimedia narrative. You should use your own images, new or from your archive and you should create an accompanying soundscape.

Click link below to view my response:

The statement I chose to form my multi media narrative was one of the more concise descriptions from Michael David Murphy’s collections: ‘This is a picture I did not take, of a dead man in Phoenix’.  It alarmed and excited me. It aroused numerous questions in my head and offered a multitude of directions in which I could take the narrative. How could I picture a dead man? How could I convey a dead man? Should I show how said dead man actually dies? Should he be physically dead or emotionally dead? Could it all be symbolic? I experimented with the idea of the main character in the narrative to be emotionally dead: withdrawn, depressed and hopeless. Instead I used these as the characters motives for the cause of death: suicide.

I wanted to give the impression the main character was mentally disturbed, ambiguous as to whether its the effects of his drug addiction (reflected through flashes of drug abuse) or his mental unwell being (man appears disheveled, depressed) or a combination of the two. I layered images and videos of heroin addicts shooting up and setting up, maggots, blood and other disturbing references which I found online through the creative commons website all of which I could use commercially. This was to reinforce the main characters mental state. I also layered a time lapse of a cloudy sky, evoking the idea of time passing by and the main characters final hour fast approaching. I used my own images to portray the male character and my own video footage to convey his final journey and suicide.

I wanted the soundscape to be atmospheric building and lowering in tension throughout. I did this by leaving moments of quiet and by layering lots of sounds at one time.  All my sounds I downloaded from sound cloud and were all licensed for me to use commercially. I used a cover of Joy Divisions, ‘Candidate’ to set a beat for the images to play alongside, atmospheric sounds such as wind, a dog barking and footsteps as well as more disturbing sounds such as whispering, itching and heavy breathing to reinforce the mental instability of the main character.


Joy Division Cover by Dylan Palme

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